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7 Useful Advantages of Handicap Portable Toilet Rental / Cape Cod

The handicapped portable toilets are also known as wheelchair accessible portable toilets. These toilets are specially designed to provide sanitation facilities to the handicapped. During an outdoor event, they also help to accommodate people who may be physically challenged. They are designed with oversized doors, an extra-large interior, and flat floors. This feature helps any porta potty to allow any sized wheelchair to enter and exit the unit easily. This also gives wheelchairs the ability to turn 360 degrees while inside this porta-potty. 

Some of these, usually include 3 big size sturdy stainless steel guard rails that are mounted on the interior walls. This gives extra assistance, so you can maneuver throughout the porta-potty safely. Additional safety is added by making the floor of the unit non-skidded to help avoid slips and falls.

These toilets not only have a translucent roof that allows plenty of natural light but they also have excellent ventilation throughout. It does not absorb any odors which makes it a must for any outdoor event. The Handicap portable toilet is best for providing handicaps with special sanitation facilities they require.

Handicap Portable Toilet Rental in Cape Cod

While looking for a comfortable handicap portable toilet rental, it’s your right to make assured that you’re in good hands with the Service. Their Staff should also be highly-trained, knowledgeable, and punctual. Moreover, it is recommended by experts to have at least 1 handicapped porta potty at your event or construction site. It’s a safe option if you get a site visitor with disabilities. It also gives construction workers extra space to take off tool belts and other gears.

This advice will also help you to complete the law like the American Disabilities Act (ADA). It is the requirement of a minimum, 5% and no less than one handicapped porta-potty at the location.

Main features of Handicap Portable Toilet Rental

  • Maximum Wheelchair Movability
  • Nonflushing Toilet & Urinal
  • Anti-Slip Flooring Surface
  • Rolls of Toilet Tissue
  • Occupancy Indicator
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hasp, Lock & Key
  • Containment Tray
  • Solar Lighting
  • Stabilizing Stakes

7 Useful Advantages of Handicap Portable Toilet

Here’s a quick breakdown of what useful benefits you can expect when renting a handicap porta-potty: 

Convenience& Ease of Use:

Setting up a handicapped portable toilet during an outdoor event allows, disabled recipients, to utilize sanitation facilities on the go. The structure of these portable toilets has access to features like ramps and railings. This makes the moving of the wheelchair easier. The lightweight and durable exterior of the toilets makes them easy to use for mobility purposes.

Good for Inclusivity:

These handicapped portable are not specified, they can be used by everyone and serve as an additional option. In fact, these toilet makes it much easier for those who might have mobility issues to enjoy the event. If you are excepting any handicapped individuals attending your event, having accessible portable toilets is in your best interest for their sake.


The spacious interior of these toilets makes them excellent for families. It works as a huge benefit for parents who need to assist toddlers. Even if you are sure that you will not face mobility issues, you will surely have a family with kids in attendance. As we explained handicapped toilets are larger than a regular toilets. This allows both parents to who has to help a child in the bathroom.

Changing Room Access:

Have you ever tried changing in a standard portable toilet? It’s frustrating, but a handicapped toilet can be a savior in that condition. It almost doubles the space and can easily be used as a changing room. They are especially functional if you are hosting a party at the beach. These are great for people wearing their swimsuits. They work well on every occasion where a quick change might be necessary.

Less Tripping Hazards

Handicap-accessible portable toilets provide great ground-level accessibility. It can be a huge relief to know that aged guests don’t have to navigate a step. Moreover, you down have to worry that the little kids will not fall off the toilet when they are done because there isn’t anything to trip over. So your perfect events start and end accident-free.

Sanitary& Conserves Water

Portable toilets are useful to handle the tedious toilet cleanup instantly with ensuring proper waste disposal. It’s the function of the portable toilet to drain the waste to a treatment plant. The advanced feature can also directly pump the waste into the sewer system. Some handicapped portable toilets use chemicals to reduce odors which helps in conserving water. Gallons of water are saved since the wastage is not flushed. The advanced technology allows some to flush with minimal water use.


Rather than constructing, it is more practical to rent portable toilets instead. You also won’t have to deal with obtaining the necessary permits to build restroom facilities in public areas that will only be used for short periods of time. Even at Construction Projects where they help comply with OSHA and ANSI laws while also making your job site more productive.

The Best Handicap Portable Toilet Rental in Cape Cod

We at Pinna Sajje Sanitation Services provide the best Handicap Accessible in the towns on Cape Cod. We take great pride in our work and it also proofs why we are the top provider of handicap porta potty rentals in the area. Our experts at Pinna Sajje offer a variety of portable toilets you can use for your next event in Cape Cod or the surrounding areas.

Our sanitation services also include restroom trailers and a portable hand washing unit. With the experience of over 20 years of experience in the sanitation business. We are confident when your guests see our sign, they will appreciate knowing that you provided them with the best quality and service that only comes from the best in the business.

Call us at 508-428-2062 to find out how our experts can assist you, and we will arrange the best portable toilets for your next outdoor event.

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