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Portable Hand Washing Station Rental in 2022

Portable handwashing stations are best used for providing easy sanitation to maintain the health standards for schools. They can also be used at daycares, offices, restaurants, parks, and hospitals in these hard times of Covid 19. As these are convenient for any indoor use and even for hard outdoor uses at sporting events and other locations. The places where the access to water is limited and hands-free cleanliness is a must. These portable hand wash sink stations help in providing clean water and good hygiene practices.

These handwashing stations have made it possible to provide sanitation facilities to many public areas and classrooms. These are the places where you don’t have access to a traditional sink with hot and cold running water. This immediate facility has helped us to prevent the spread of pathogens by providing convenient hand washing anywhere. Moreover, they also expanded handwashing capabilities. 

Hand Washing Station Rental in 2022

Whether you are throwing a party in your backyard or planning a wedding. You will surely accept a lot of guests. Providing your guests with hygienic sanitization on the go is mandatory for you. Renting a portable hand washing unit is the best option for that. As nobody likes handshaking with clammy, sweaty hands after the food at the party. It is also a primary facility for the prevention of diseases.  

Yes, we all are facing a hard time and to prevent the cause we should take proper precautions. The recommendations for handwashing can vary from city to city. So In these terms of what will be better as the proper ratio of handwashing sinks to portable toilets. Usually, the Health Department of the United States recommends one hand-washing station for every five portable toilets. The requirement of a sink can also vary from the size of the crowd. Generally speaking, the more people you have in areas where food is available, the more portable sinks you should provide. 

Due to their functionality, the requirement of portable sinks has become part of health code inspection checklists. That is why having a portable sink or hand sanitization facility in outdoor event settings is becoming popular. Health Departments are pushing the idea that although they can’t ensure everyone is going to wash their hands. So, they at least want to allow everyone to wash their hands through portable sink options.

If you are living on Cape Cod, the expertise of Pina Sajje Sanitation can be helpful to make your event pleasant. Our Company will not only give you services of handwashing stations. We can also help you in providing Standard Portable Toilet and Restrooms Trailers. So, you can manage arrangements for any size of gathering easily. 

Features of Portable Hand Washing

Portable sinks usually come with a built-in soap dispenser as well as paper towels which are as per your requirements.  Some of the portable sinks also come with built-in wheels for easy mobility. Which helps for handwashing at various outdoor events, job sites, and professional settings. The best feature they provide is that the vast majority of these sinks come with hot & cold water on-demand systems. Which makes them perfect for outdoor catering events, for serving food and beverages. Even at events or trade shows arranged in your decks and garages.

Benefits of Portable Hand Washing Station

These days providing an outdoor handwashing option at events is easy to maintain hygiene where food is served. This is the reason the use of washing stations is becoming a norm in present days. One of the advantages of a portable sink is to provide a high-quality facility for handwashing wherever it is needed. Washing your hands at events is not only good for defense against germs. But, they also reduce the probability of causing harmful diseases. Due to these, providing hand sanitizer also becomes easy as they are a good alternative and a must these days. But Health experts surely recommend washing hands as by far it is the most efficient way. It prevents germs from coming in contact with users.

Having Portable sinks at your events helps to stop the spread of numerous illnesses. They eliminate germs through handwashing and giving basic hygiene. A handwashing station makes it easy for users to wash their hands. This protects them against diseases like when preparing food for eating, giving medicine to a sick or injured person. Handling garbage, using household chemicals, and for use after touching anything that could be unclean.

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