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How Much Does a portable toilet rental cost | PSS Guides

Your to-do list does not include renting a portable toilet when planning for the event or at a construction site unless you realize that that’s a necessary task. Now you are looking for a portable toilet and thinking about how much does a portable toilet rental cost?

This post will help you to make a good decision about your portable 

Sanitation needs. Here at Pina Sajje Sanitation, we have been providing portable toilet renting services and accessories for over 40 years in the Cape Cod area. With our experience and knowledge, we know how to properly accommodate from largest events to construction jobs. 

We can help you get the estimate of no units per your need and budget. We only provide rental services directly to customers, so no middle man is involved that usually hikes up pricing. Connect with us to rent a portable toilet.

Number of people

It is important to know how many people will use the portable toilet. It will help you to figure out the number and size of toilets. If you are going to host an event, then it is sure that you need. According to industry standards, one portable toilet is enough for 50 people. But we recommend that you should rent one toilet for 35 guests for an all-day event. Facility usage increases up to 30-40% if you serve food and beverages at the event. If your event is not all day long or you will not serve food, renting one facility for 40 guests is a good decision. 

Available Space

Another factor to keep in mind when renting portable toilets is 

How much available space do you have for sanitation facilities? If you are using a commercial place or an event, that may have some limitations. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend you get permission from place owners for installing rental toilets. 


Renting a portable toilet also depends upon your budget. It can be quite expensive. So, you have to estimate the budget that you want to spend on renting facilities.

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Types of Portable Toilets

There are mainly three types of portable toilets that we have at PSS. The premium versions are nicer, but they are expensive also. 

Standard Portable Toilet

Standard portable toilet rental is professionally designed to have extra interior space. They provide convenience where necessary, and there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. It is an ideal choice for construction sites and residential use.

How does a standard portable toilet rental work?

Portable toilets work a little differently than conventional toilets. Instead of the sewer, the waste is transported to a holding tank on the bottom. Inside the tank, there are chemicals that break down the solid waste, eliminate smells, and kill germs.

Can you flush a Porta Potty Rental?

Yes, a standard porta potty rental comes with a freshwater flushing unit or a hidden waste tank that can be used to flush a significant amount of waste easily.

Premium Flushable Portable Toilets

Premium porta potties are a perfect choice for executive events. These executive portable restrooms are equipped with running water, paper towel, soap dispenser, urinal, solar-powered lights, shelf, mirror, and even a clothing hook. These are a classic choice for special events such as family reunions, fundraisers, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. A deluxe portable toilet rental can handle around 250 uses.

Wheelchair-accessible Portable Toilets

Wheelchair-accessible toilets are specially designed for those who have difficulty making it to the lavatory. They have a very comfortable space and are easy to use. Parents can also utilize portable wheelchair toilet rental with young children as it offers more room for clothing changes than traditional portable toilets.

Best Portable Toilets for Rent

Whether you’re hosting a family get-together or a business event, you need to have toilet facilities available for guests. When it comes to clean, reliable portable restroom rental in Cape Cod, MA, event organizers partner with Pina Sajje Sanitation. We have more than 40 years of experience providing the best portable restroom trailers for rent in our locality. 

You can also partner with us for your upcoming wedding event. We will show you how we do our best to make your event successful. Contact us now for a free portable toilet rental quote, or get in touch by giving us a call at 508-428-2062 for any inquiry related to portable restroom trailers for rental.

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