Standard Portable Toilet Rentals

Standard Portable Toilet Rentals on Cape Cod

At Pina Sajje Sanitation, we offer standard portable toilets. These are ideal choices for construction sites and residential use.

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  • How does a standard portable toilet rental work?

    Portable restrooms work a little differently than a conventional toilet. Instead of the sewer, the waste is transported to a holding tank on the bottom. Inside the tank, there are chemicals that break down the solid waste, eliminate smells, and kill germs.

  • What are the dimensions of a standard portable toilet?

  • Exterior Height

  • 91”(231 cm)

  • Interior Height

  • 82”(208 cm)

  • Exterior Width

  • 43.5”(110 cm)

  • Interior Width

  • 41”(104 cm)

  • Door Opening Height

  • 73.5”(187 cm)

  • Holding Tank Volume

  • 82”(208 cm)

  • Interior Height

  • 60 gal (227 L)

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