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Top 7 Benefits of Renting a Portable Hand Wash Station

f you are making arrangements for a large outdoor event then you surely require the services of a porta potty rental. Similarly, the service of a portable hand wash station also becomes a legitimate requirement for fulfilling your portable restroom rental needs. 

Somehow, a hand sanitizer stand set near a porta potty or a food stand is also useful. However, a hand sanitizer alone is not as effective as washing your hands comprehensively at a portable hand wash station. It is a known circumstance that individuals feel safer at large outdoor events if they can wash their hands before eating and clean up scrapes properly. 

Portable hand wash sink rentals provide numerous benefits to both businesses and homeowners. They not only allow you to create temporary wash stations, but they help workers to stay in compliance with handwashing and food order regulations. They can also be placed wherever you like. These make portable units the most likely solution for sanitation problems at larger events like Weddings, birthday parties, and office seminars.  So here is the list of the top seven benefits of using portable sinks. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Unit

The benefit of eco-friendly sinks is they upkeep global recycling initiatives. As they are reusable, maintainable, energy-efficient, and better than the sinks hooked up to the plumbing system. Hand-washing sinks are also sustainable and reusable from site to site. Furthermore, they also come in the category of standalone goods which means. Portable hand wash sink rentals can be used as alternatives to similar products that require access to gas, oil, or other harmful fossil fuels. 

Hand washing stations usually provide up to 200 fresh washes before the tank needs to be cleaned and refilled. Pinna Sajje Sanitation helps keep your site greener by reducing the need for expensive and wasteful plumbing installation.

  1. Cost-Effective

If you want to save some bucks, portable handwash station rentals are a definite option. Except for the rental, you don’t need to pay for any additional hidden fees like water fill-ups, plumbing, or wastewater dumping. Apart from that you also do not need to worry about paying for installation. You don’t have to go through a dozen assembly steps to install these mobile products. 

A hand washing station rental from Pinna Sajje Sanitation is an upfront and economical sanitation solution. All you need to pay is the rental fee. Our experts will do all the installations, maintenance, refills, and removals and keep your site clean as easily as possible.

  1. Flexible Mobility

Having access to products that provide flexible mobility is a bonus for any service provider or property owner. Exclusively if you are working outdoors or are remotely on property far away from plumbing. Standard portable toilet and portable handwash station offer you the choice to continue doing what you want and where you want it. Additionally, you can move them to multiple locations.

This is especially helpful on the construction site. As a construction project goes on multiple areas of the project are guaranteed to become more populated. Rather than other parts were when construction began. Regardless of where your labor team is working, they will still need to keep their hands clean. Portable washing stations from Pinna Sajje Sanitation create simple flexibility and stop the need for a difficult march to wash one’s hands. Our stations are entirely mobile and can be effortlessly moved from one important location to the place of the next event.

  1. Portable Handwash Station Are Stand-Alone Units

Portable sinks are stand-alone units, so they do not have any need for installation or plumbing and power sources. You also won’t have to worry about paying for usual repair fees like for the toilets in your home or office should something break on-site. Our team will happily come and either fix what is broken or bring a brand new portable hand wash sink so that your services or activities remain uninterrupted.

At Pinna Sajje Sanitation, our goal is to offer a stress-free rental experience with each of our products. Simply let us know the issue and our team will be out on on-time to deliver your unit

  1. Convenience

What could be more convenient than having a handwashing facility anywhere you want it? Especially, in those places that don’t have readily available handwashing facilities for employees and guests to use. Portable handwashing stations make cleanliness a possible option at remote or spread-out locations. Aside from the typical sink, portable hand-washing stations also include all of the soap and paper towels your guests will need to remain germ-free at your wedding event or new construction site.

Moreover, we supply all of them in tip-top and ready-to-use condition. Just because every handwash unit has wheels, you can move them around or to different places as they are needed. Both the fresh and wastewater tanks are hidden inside the unit, so you won’t have to take a headache about water storage or removal. Construction sites, big parks, or events that include food trucks, often want people to stay as hygienic as possible. 

  1. Perfect for Business or Personal Usage

As we offer multiple portable hand wash station styles and sizes, you can select units that are either more disposed to business practices or for personal use. You can also select units based on how many people will need to use them, which includes a single sink or one with multiple stations. If you are a food contractor, sinks with multiple spots are ideal for workers’ hand washing.

Moreover, as you will be arranging a bigger event you will also be interested in reading our guide: How Many Porta Potty Units Do I Need – Ultimate Guide

Proper Sanitation & Hygiene

In isolated locations where plumbing is not easily reached, it can be difficult to maintain cleanliness in such rough environments. Portable hand washes rentals can be used anyplace, together with outdoor concerts, catering events, festivals, and secluded work meetings. As handwashing is a critical factor in personal hygiene, Flush ensures you have the right sources to reduce the spread of germs.

The Final Words

Whether you need dependable portable restrooms or portable hand-washing stations, the team of experts has your event site covered. We are Cape Cod’s leading provider of quality, clean portable restrooms, premium flushable portable toilet rentals, and wheelchair portable toilet rentals in Cape Cod. No matter your sanitation needs, we are prepared to help! Contact us today to learn more about our available units in your area! If your business or residence requires portable hand wash sink rentals in the Greater Mashpee areas, please give us a call at 508-428-2062 or send us an email at [email protected].  We’ll be glad to advise you on the right sink size and design. We can also provide portable toilets for remote locations when they are needed.

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