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Top 10 Benefits of Renting Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding Event

The weather of Cape Cod is perfect for hosting outdoor events; from weddings to concerts, festivals to family reunions. There are several reasons to host your next event, outdoor in any of the towns on Cape Cod. So in case, you are planning to host your upcoming wedding outdoor. Keep in mind that hosting an outdoor event is not that simple. It requires proper planning and implementation and one of the things you have to arrange for is providing sanitation facilities to your guests. If you are the one who is responsible for making arrangements for an outdoor event. We have a simple piece of advice for you and is that you should consider your options for arranging a portable restroom trailer for rent for your upcoming wedding.

Many people hostings events for the first time don’t consider portable restroom rentals until the last minute. Surely, the last thing you want is to have a nearby accessible place where your guests can relieve themselves by answering the call of nature. Renting porta potties units for your outdoor wedding might seem like a big expense, but it’s extremely important to arrange a dedicated bathroom space for your guests. 

There are numerous aspects to planning an outdoor wedding, That’s why we are wrapping up the top 10 benefits of having a portable toilet at your wedding and having the ceremony of your dreams.

Venue Freedom

The best reason to opt for portable restroom trailers for rent on your outdoor wedding is that they give complete freedom. You don’t have to worry about the destination where you want to get married when you can arrange a portable toilet or VIP restroom trailer delivered right to your dream venue. Pinna Sajje sanitation is a dream savor in this situation, as our portable restroom trailers give you complete venue freedom. 

Our rental services are one of the blessings to have while planning your wedding outdoors. As of now, you don’t have to settle for the second-best option on the list. Moreover, It’s also the law: Depending on where you’re hosting this event. The law might enforce you to set up portable porta potties options for your outdoor wedding event. Some authorities issue huge fines to hosts who don’t rent restroom trailers for attendees to use.

Convenience To Use

You have planned to have your wedding ceremony outdoor. So, worrying about providing your guests with necessities and easy sanitation facilities should probably be a top priority. Maybe some of your guests might be fine relieving themselves outdoors. The majority of them would choose an actual functional bathroom to use. To keep guests happy and comfortable, give them the facilities they might need throughout the event.

Portable toilets offer a wide range of conveniences to your guest containing the standard one for smaller parties, or larger luxury restroom trailers for an added lavish experience. Depending on what type of event you are going to have, combined with the number of attendees at your event, portable toilets are a vital solution to your restroom needs. If you are confused about how many porta potties units to have; don’t hesitate to read out our guide.

Personalize The Vibe

Portable trailers can also be used to attain a personal vibe. Try adding a verse about your wedding day to the inner part of the door. Decorate the outside with elements from your wedding. Take this for example, if you have planned a barn wedding, line the portable toilet area with bales of hay. There are millions of ways to personalize your portable toilet to make your appealing vibe.

Add a Theme & Appearance

Weddings should be completely planned as every part of your special day is important. So why not take benefit by making your portable toilet-themed? By decorating the outside areas near the portable toilet. You can surely add special touch while still having a fully competent restroom. If you have red roses for the decoration of the guest eating tables. Then don’t stop yourself from adding red roses to the inside of the portable toilet. 

You can add more class by considering a luxury restroom trailer. These up-to-date aces offer a comprehensive range of benefits including multiple stalls, heating & Cooling facilities, Bluetooth stereo, portable hand washing station, and much more. VIP restroom trailers are also easy to place, making them perfect for a huge venue that requires several restroom locations. 

Keep Your Private Property Save &Clean

Minimize foot traffic; how many people walk in and out of your property to use the bathroom. If you’re hosting an outdoor event in your garden or nearby place of business. This will help in case of larger events where you can easily limit access to your house or office. This step will also save you from strangers or unexpected guests wandering through your living space.

When you rent portable toilets for your wedding near to your property, it helps you keep indoor bathrooms clean. This ensures that nobody will be making a mess inside your residence. Many homeowners don’t opt for portable restroom trailers for rent for their outdoor events. We have found they spend a lot of time and money cleaning their indoor bathrooms after the events. This is where  Pinna Sajje Sanitation helps you pick up porta-potties and handle the cleaning for you.  We are serving in this industry for more than 40 years and are committed to serving the excellence to our valued customers. Apart from restroom trailers and standard portable toilets, we also provide well-made wheelchair-accessible toilets.

Compliments an Outdoor Wedding

If you and your family have decided to arrange your wedding outdoor. It means they know how much nature is important to you. That’s why having an outdoor trailer at the event makes sense. By carefully placing your portable trailers, with a personalized vibe. Combined with multiple decoration options, you can easily combine your portable toilet into your wedding theme without worrying about your guests. They can bring a robust theme to your wedding that will complement your event. 

Portable restroom trailers for rent are more environmentally-friendly not only because they require less water than regular bathrooms. They also serve people with a safe, hazard-free place to dispose of their waste. Simply, providing a little privacy will save you from disturbing the local ecosystem.

Multiple Units

Having multiple bathrooms is compulsory when gathering guests and an outdoor wedding is no exception. By opting in for a portable restroom trailer, you can adjust multiple bathroom locations usefully placed throughout the venue. Combined with using a standard portable toilet, or handwash station, this can give your friends and family easy access to the sanitation facilities without having to venture far off from the happening event.

Make sure are using the right number of toilets to eliminate lines. Let’s assume you’re hosting an outdoor wedding in Cape Cod with lesser units. At some point during the event, there will be a line of people waiting to use this sanitation facility. Multiple porta-potties arrange at a wedding site mean a lesser wait time for people and less of a bottleneck at the toilets.

Services to Choose From

Unlike standard restrooms, when you choose a portable toilet for an outdoor wedding, you have more control over the types of services you want to facilitate your guests with. If you want a clean, well-managed experience, opt-in for the standard portable toilet. Strategically place them around your venue with directions to lead the way or place them all in a selected area.

We also serve you with VIP restroom trailers;  that can offer your guests much more luxury when planning your wedding. It allows you to provide your attendants with a comfortable space to attain a sanitation facility. Many of the VIP restroom trailers provide full climate control, perfect for weddings scheduled during hot or cold months.

Affordable Pricing

Outdoor Weddings can be expensive, so the biggest task is to save cost while arranging it. These portable toilets are perfect for any budget. It also gives you the ability to choose how many portable toilets you want on your wedding day. This gives the wedding planner full control over the costs related to a potty patty. As everyone wants to save more money and spend on it more important things like your dining experience. 

A company that provides affordable portable restroom trailers for rent is the answer to save some extra bucks.

An Attendant for Service

Many sanitation companies offer on-site support to make sure that your guests are always taken care of. Understanding that when you are out in the public, having someone on hand can be helpful, especially when it comes to a toileting emergency. Knowing that you are covered and that you have a person at your clearance can give you the confidence you need not worry about the bathroom and simply enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Between standard portable toilets and VIP restroom trailers, there are countless portable restroom options for you and your guests at your wedding event. With so many advancements and options available in the market, you can have your important day take place almost at any venue. If you find the venue of your dreams and they inform you that you’ll have to provide your restroom options, you will be prepared to make your guests as comfortable as possible.

Best Portable Restroom Trailers for Rent

Whether you’re hosting a family get-together or a business event, you need to have toilet facilities available for guests. When it comes to clean, reliable portable restroom rental in Cape Cod, MA, event organizers partner with Pinna Sajje Sanitation. We have more than 40 years of experience providing the best portable restroom trailers for rent in our locality. 

You can also partner with us for you’re your upcoming wedding event. We will show you how we do our best to make your event a success. Contact us now for a free portable toilet rental quote or get in touch by giving us a call at 508-428-2062 for any inquiry related to portable restroom trailers for rental.

Planning a wedding is difficult, and it takes a lot of time, research, and effort. Hopefully, this article will help you take care of a very important part of outdoor wedding planning; the toilet situation.

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