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How to Familiarize Children with a Portable Bathroom at an Event

Are you going to an event or activity where you will use portable bathrooms instead of typical bathrooms? However, it is not new for you, but it is a big deal for your child. It is very crucial that you make them aware of the use of porta potties. 

In this article, we will discuss some ways to make your children familiar with portable toilets. Let s dive in;

Talk About Portable Toilets

It is important to tell children about portable toilets before using them. Children will understand it if you explain them very well about it. If you are going to any place like a playground, an event, or any other place that might have portable toilets, then talk about it before going there. 

Tell them that these types of bathrooms are not like the traditional ones that require flushing. Guide them about how they can maintain proper hygiene when using them. There are no sinks in portable toilets, so they may be outside or only hand sanitizer. 

Tell them that portable toilets have small space and smell different from traditional toilets even if they are clean. Also, guide them about the proper etiquette. Tell them not to knock the bathroom down “for fun” as it is against etiquette.

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Show Them the Bathroom Before They Need It

When you go to any event that has a restroom trailer or portable toilet, then find a proper time when there is no queue outside it and bring your kids to the restroom. People are understanding, so do be shy about it.

Explain to your children what everything is and how to use it in a proper way. Address all their questions before going back to the event place. Also, look for an event map; if you find one, ensure the area where toilets are, especially if your child is going to the bathroom with friends, not you. 

Stay Nearby (or Go With Them)

If your child is going to use portable toilets for the first time, then you should go with them. Even though it feels normal to you, it isn’t for your younger. They may feel anxious about it. Sometimes they may even resist not using at all. It is good to go inside or stay outside to help him.

Help Your Child Understand a Portable Bathroom Rental

If you have an upcoming event or activity, tell them before going there that your child is ready for the experience. Make them understand that it is different from the traditional one. Explain the situation or give them a tour before using it. They’ll be fine!

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