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Luxury Porta Potty Rental Cost in Cape Cod – Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Pina Sajje Sanitation supply a diversity of luxury porta potty rental services for weddings, corporate events, home remodels, production and film, construction, and above all top-rated services. If you are looking for luxury porta potty rental services in Cape Cod for your upcoming event, you can contact Pina Sajje Sanitation.

For many years, this topically-owned porta potty rental has brought luxury and top-notch portable restrooms to events of all styles and sizes. From casual backyard engagement light meals to elegant beachfront weddings, our trailers are a favorable and congenial inclusion to any location.

What We Are Offering

In addition, our team is devoted to providing remarkable customer service while respecting the territory and communities which we serve. Services provided by fully accessible stand-alone components to luxurious and spacious restrooms, Pina Sajje Sanitation offers comprehensive alternatives for all types of celebrations.

Our porta potty restroom trailers come with prominent features like glossy exteriors, Air Conditioning, Hot/Cold Running Water, Full Lightening and Male/Female Separate Entrances. Our Pina Sajje Sanitation team facilitates the clients in choosing the right trailer, finding the best place for it at their venue, and running setup and breakdown. To sum up, Contact us to get the lowest and instant porta potty rental cost in Cape Cod.

Rental Options for Porta Potty Restrooms

We offer a few standard types of rental options for porta potty restrooms available. At Pina Sajje Sanitation, we offer an extensive selection of various rental options for porta potty restrooms and toilets to make them as convenient as possible for our clients.

List of Porta Potty Rental Products

Our standard options are often more demanding than others, depending on the client’s requirements, such as the standard porta potty toilet stalls, with or without a urinal but it also offers a few options that need to be aware of such as portable pump sinks or the stand-alone urinals. Here are some types of porta potty restrooms and accessories we carry at Pina Sajje Sanitation:


We carry both traditional wastage units, and new stand-alone urinals that can stand outside while offering necessary privacy.


While not complete restroom alternatives, they have pleasant complementary choices that offer an amenity to your visitors that they may not in any case have; the capacity to wash their hands with running water.


We also carry stand-alone hand sanitizer dispensers and are easy to relocate to your place of choice. Each unit contains four dispensers of water-less hand sanitizer. It might be a better option for the winter season where freezing temperature must be a concern.


Construction can cause many problems for multiple reasons whether the construction project is small or large. If the construction work has been done at your home, it can be a major issue then. For several projects, you might have to work without easily accessible restrooms inside your home or construction site, so you need an alternative solution. You might also feel it comfortable for workers to use separate porta-potty restrooms instead of using your personal toilets. In all these situations, a porta potty rental might be the perfect choice for your needs.

Special Event

We offer special event units and porta potty rental costs in Cape Cod that may include features like front mirrors, adequate shelving, coat hooks, hand sanitizer, and many other Commodious accommodations for your guests.

VIP Trailers

Our remarkably clean and highly comfortable VIP trailers are designed to make our clients feel at home. It provides all the amenities of a regular restroom with the facilities of being portable to your own site.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The cost of a porta potty rental restroom differs widely based on many elements. These elements may include geographic region, service frequency, and site availability. However, in some major areas, prices can be $200-$300 for a restroom with twice-weekly based service and $150-$180 for service once a week. 

Why We are the Best Option

Pina Sajje Sanitation offers porta potty rental costs in Cape Cod at lower prices to their clients compared to other major metropolitan areas. Our cost varies on respective location to other services, duration of the rental term, required services per week. We also offer further choices for most of our restrooms like hand sanitizer, stakes to keep the unit in place, scent discs, etc. You can get our instant prices by contacting us so we could estimate your exact needs.

How Do I Rent a Porta Potty?

You just need to contact Pina Sajje Sanitation when you are ready to rent a Porta Potty restrooms service. You have to provide us with the following information while getting our services

  • Dates of the rental
  • Quantity of Porta Potty restrooms you think you’ll need for your event; you can ask for our opinion based on your event or construction site size) 
  • Types of Porta Potty restrooms you’d like to rent
  • Address where the restrooms will be placed

Can a Porta Potty Rental be Flushed?

Yes. A standard porta potty rental contains a freshwater flushing unit that can be used to easily flush a significant amount of waste. You are required to ask a few more questions about cleaning restrooms while hiring a Porta Potty Rental. Especially if you are willing to keep the units for a longer period or they will be consistently used. Moreover, we will provide you with a customized quote for your porta potty rental.

Once the terms and conditions are accepted, the company and you will work out details about transportation and fees. Then you will follow our instructions to get your porta potty services instantly on your site. 

Why Pina Sajje Sanitation is the Best Option for Porta Potty Rental?

Pina Sajje Sanitation offers many cleaning and maintenance services to its clients in Cape Cod. It depends on what option you choose, and we have a wide variety of portable restrooms. You can select the right choice for your needs. Furthermore, if you are not required a full standard stall, you have an option to choose a free-standing urinal. Also, you can also order our porta potty rental cost in Cape Cod for portable restroom trailers. No matter if you already have a luxurious viper treatment with flushing toilets.

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